The Science Meeting will consist of six oral sessions spread out over two days, with science talks of 15 minutes each (this includes time for audience questions). There will also be State of the Observatories reports from Keck Director Dr. Taft Armandroff and Subaru Director Dr. Nobuo Arimoto. The second half of Friday will be devoted to discussions on the current state of the Keck Observatory led by the Keck Science Steering Committee.

To view the talks on YouTube, click on the names/titles below.

Meeting Schedule

Thursday September 20


Session 1 (Chair: Adam Burgasser)
9:00-9:45Taft Armandroff (Director, Keck Observatory): "State of the W. M. Keck Observatory"
9:45-10:00Michele Fumagalli (UCSC/Carnegie): "Detection of Pristine Gas Two Billion Years After the Big Bang"
10:00-10:15John Johnson (Caltech): "Toward a Grand Unified Theory of the Origin of Hot Jupiters"
10:15-10:30Leo Meyer (UCLA): "The Shortest Known Period Star Orbiting our Galaxy's Supermassive Black Hole"
10:30-11:00 BREAK

Session 2 (Chair: Marla Geha)
11:00-11:15Ian McLean (UCLA): "MOSFIRE: overview and on-sky performance"
11:15-11:30Chuck Steidel (Caltech): "MOSFIRE: overview and on-sky performance"
11:30-11:45Jorgenson, Regina (U. Hawaii): "Detecting High Redshift DLAs with the Keck/OSIRIS IFU"
11:45-12:00Jeff Cooke (Swinburne): "Super-luminous supernova discoveries at z = 2 - 4: Entering the regime of Population III stars"

12:00-12:30Poster Pops

12:30-2:00LUNCH (catered by El Tapatio)

Session 3 (Chair: Gillian Wilson)
2:00-2:15William Merline (Southwest Research Institute): "A Keck search for faint satellites of Pluto in support of New Horizons"
2:15-2:30Rachel Akeson (NExScI/Caltech): "10 years of the Keck Interferometer"
2:30-2:45Aleks Diamond-Stanic (UCSD): "Probing Extreme Galaxy Outflows and Gaseous Halos with Keck"
2:45-3:00Philip Muirhead (Caltech): "Distilling Nearby M Dwarfs for Terrestrial Planet Hosts"
3:00-3:15Xavier Prochaska (UCSC): "The View of the Circumgalactic Medium from Keck"
3:15-3:30Jingwen Wu (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory): "A Rare Galaxy Population: WISE Discovers Hyperluminous Hot DOGs"
3:30-4:00 BREAK

Session 4 (Chair: Aleks Diamond-Stanic)
4:00-4:15Michael Cooper (UCI): "The Impact of Environment on the Size Evolution of Massive Early-type Galaxies at Intermediate Redshift"
4:15-4:30Anna Nierenberg (UCSB): "OSIRIS NIR Flux ratio anomalies and the substructure problem"
4:30-4:45Justin Crepp (Caltech): "The TRENDS High-Contrast Imaging Program"
4:45-5:00Marcel Neeleman (UCSD): "The Fundamental Plane of Damped Lyman alpha Systems"
5:00-5:15Evan Kirby (UCI): "Discovery of Super-Li Rich Red Giants in Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies"
5:15-5:30Sirio Belli (Caltech): "Spectroscopic Investigations of the Puzzling Size Growth of Passive Galaxies"

Friday September 21

Session 5 (Chair: Carl Melis)
9:00-9:30 Nobuo Arimoto (Director, Subaru Observatory): "State of the Subaru Observatory"
9:30-9:45Rosalie McGurk (UCSC): "Spatially Resolved Spectroscopy to Confirm or Disprove Dual Active Galactic Nuclei"
9:45-10:00Keivan Stassun (Vanderbilt): "An Empirical Correction for Activity Effects on the Temperatures, Radii, and Estimated Masses of Low-Mass Stars and Brown Dwarfs"
10:00-10:15Timothy Morton (Caltech): "Enabling the Kepler Exoplanet Census"
10:15-10:30Ryan Trainor (Caltech): "Lighting Up The IGM: Possible Fluorescent Emitters Around Z~2.7 QSOs"

Session 6 (Chair: Keivan Stassun)
11:00-11:15Marc Rafelski (Caltech/IPAC): "Metallicity of Damped Ly-alpha Systems out to z~5"
11:15-11:30Janet Colucci (UCSC): "The Detailed Chemical Abundance Patterns of M31 Globular Clusters"
11:30-11:45Jason Melbourne (Caltech): "Constraints on the colors and luminosities of high-mass, low-metallicity AGB stars from Keck Adaptive Optics"
11:45-12:00Brendan Bowler (U. Hawaii): "A High Contrast Adaptive Optics Imaging Search for Giant Planets Around Young M Dwarfs"
12:00-12:15Anne Medling (UCSC): "Nuclear Disks in Nearby Gas-Rich Mergers"
12:15-12:30Chris Gelino (NExScI/Caltech): "The Discovery and Characterization of the Coldest WISE Brown Dwarfs with Keck"

12:30-1:15LUNCH (catered by El Tapatio)

Keck Strategic Planning Session (Chairs: Chris Martin, Xavier Prochaska)
1:15-1:30Chris Martin (Caltech) & Xavier Prochaska (UCSC): "Science Steering Committee Perspective"
1:30-2:00Taft Armandroff & Hilton Lewis (Keck Observatory): "WMKO Perspective and 5-year Plan"
2:00-2:15Taft Armandroff & Hilton Lewis (Keck Observatory): "NSF Portfolio review and implications for Keck/NSF initiatives"
2:15-2:20Chas Beichman (Caltech/JPL): "Keck Archive"
2:20-2:35Chris Martin (Caltech): "KCWI"
2:35-2:50Xavier Prochaska (UCSC): "K1DM3"
2:50-3:10Andrea Ghez (UCLA): "AOAG and AO: Near-term future"
3:10-3:30Michael Liu (U. Hawaii): "AOAG and AO: Long-term future"

Instrument Study Reports (Chair: TBD)
3:45-4:00Eugene Serabyn (NASA/JPL): "Subaperature XAO"
4:00-4:15Ian McLean (UCLA) & Peter Plavchan (NASA/JPL)"NIRSPEC"
4:15-4:30James Larkin (UCLA): "OSIRIS"
4:30-4:45Connie Rockosi (UCSC): "DEIMOS"
4:45-5:00Ben Mazin (UCSB): "MKIDS"

5:00-6:00Community Discussion